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Electronic Circuit, Product, and System Design Consultant
Providing electronic design, analysis, and problem solving for clients in the fields of
computers, communications, medical, and industrial control.


Microprocessor-based product design

Industrial data acquisition and control

High-speed parallel/pipelined image processing logic

Low-power handheld instruments

Switchmode and linear power supplies

Design reviewing for reliability and manufacturability




Thermo Fisher:       Cloudburst Spectrometer Processor redesign (2021): iMX8M, video

Ventriflo:                MVP Pulsative Blood Pump (2020-2021): iMX7D1, ATSAMV71, switchmode, analog

Thermo Fisher:       XL2 Handheld Spectrometer redesign (2019-2020): iMX31, switchmode, analog

                                 Lazarus Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (2015): project electronic design consultant
Diopsys:                  Ganzfeld Vision Tester LED Driver (2015): Altera CPLD, AHDL, analog, switchmode
Roche Diagnostic:      Precision LED driver for blood analyzer (2014): dsPIC 33EP256, analog, switchmode         
Natus:                    A3i Infant Hearing Screener Redesign (2013): Altera FPGA, VHDL, switchmode, analog
HSDna:                   Axeos Electro-Discharge Weapon (Taser) Tester (2012): Altera CPLD, AHDL, BeagleBone
                             processor, Cuk converter, high voltage, switchmode supplies, analog
Omnyx:                  Advanced I/O Board (2011): Altera FPGA, VHDL, USB 3.0, switchmode supplies, analog
Primera Biosystems:  Precision thermal cycler (2006): USB DAQ, thermistors, TEC drivers, analog I/O

Nova Tech. Corp.:    Xscale Medical Probe (2005-2006): PXA270, Flash, LCD, USB, IRDA

IDEXX Laboratories:  Aquamarine ICS Processor for veterinary blood analyzer (2005-2006): MC9328MX21,
Flash, SDRAM, LCD, Touch, CAN, USB OTG, Ethernet

Avici Systems:          OC-768 to four OC-192 line card (2005-2006) SERDES, SONET framer




Avid Technology:      Suzy (M-JPEG) & Muppet (MPEG3) video compression engines

AET:                      AET 816 series of building automation controllers

Cytyc:                    C3 high-speed cytology image processor (6.25 ns per pixel)

Flavors:                  PIM industrial multiprocessing system (5 68030s/board)

Itran:                     Industrial vision controllers & programmers

Lights Sync:             Humphrey stage lighting dimmer (AC/DC MOSFET PWM)


12/75 - Present        Three Ring Circuits             Owner/Principal Engineer

11/73 - 12/75          Termiflex Corporation         Project Engineer

10/71 - 10/73           Gordon Engineering Co.      Engineer

 6/70 - 9/71             Bedford Associates Inc.        Engineer


Education:                BSEE 6/70 - MIT, Cambridge, Mass.

Certification:             NH Registered Professional Engineer # 4419 ELTR since 3/79

U.S. Patents:            Handheld terminal, Sequence controller, MOSFET dimmer, Computer telephone

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