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Peakbagging is the sport of climbing every mountain peak above a certain elevation in a particular State or area.

In August 2017, I completed the 200 Highest Peaks of the Contiguous USA, becoming the first on record to do so. I was accompanied by nine friends as we packed in to Bridger Wilderness WY for the final climb of 13,745' Fremont Peak on the day of the total eclipse. We enjoyed two minutes of eclipse totality on the summit.

Lists in Progress:

New Hampshire 200 Highest: Summer (both 200' and 300' prominence lists): need one peak

Maine 50 Highest with 300' Prominence: need 8 peaks, hope to finish on Coburn during the 2024 eclipse

Vermont 2500 Footers with 200' Prominence: need 11 peaks

USA Lower 49 State Highpoints: need Connecticut (I won't be going to Denali)

Lists Officially in Progress, but no longer actively pursuing:

Contiguous USA 13,600 Footers and 250 Highest: need five peaks

Colorado 13,500 Footers: need 28 peaks

Lists Completed:

Contiguous USA 13,700 Footers and 200 Highest: Summer

California 13,600 Footers: Summer
Colorado 13,600-Footers and Bicentennials (200 Highest): Summer

New England 4000 Footers and 100 Highest: Summer and Winter
New Hampshire 4000 Footers: Summer, Winter, Every month of the year ("The Grid")

New Hampshire 4000 Footers at Midnight: Summer and Winter

New Hampshire 4000 Footers While Age 70
New Hampshire 100 Highest: Summer (both 200' and 300' prominence lists)

New Hampshire 3000 Footers: Summer
New Hampshire 52 With A View: Summer

New York Adirondack 46 High Peaks: Summer and Winter
New York Catskill 3500-Footers: Summer and Winter
New York State Fire Tower Challenge

Vermont 2500 Footers with 300' Prominence and 200 Highest: Summer

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